Pet Hotel Suites


Questions about our hotel suites

Additional Questions? Please give us a call at (949) 644-5460 to speak with one of our friendly receptionists.


Are there any requirements for my pet to be able to board at your facility?

All pets must be at least 16 weeks old and current on all vaccinations. For the safety of our caretakers as well as your pet(s), we do not board overly aggressive or fractious animals. We understand that boarding can be a stressful time for your pet and it is common for dogs and cats to be nervous at the beginning of their stay. If your pet exhibits signs of aggression beyond the typical range of that of a nervous pet, we will not be able to safely board him or her


What is the daily routine for my dog while boarding?

The typical day is the following:

6:00 AM – Morning Feedings
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM- Morning Cleanings and Walks
12:00 PM – Noon Feedings and Walks
4:00 PM – Evening Feeding
5:00 PM- 7:00 PM – Evening Walks

Personal plays are usually done in the afternoon between noon walks and evening feeding.

Do you have an overnight attendant?

We do not currently have an overnight attendant. We do, however, have 24-hour surveillance as well as cameras throughout the facility. Please take a look at our FAQ Page or give us a call at (949) 644-5460 to speak with one of our friendly receptionists.

Do you turn the lights off at night?

All lights and televisions are turned off at night.

Do the dogs really watch television?

Some dogs do indeed watch television! Most dogs, however, simply like the background noise the Animal Planet channel provides.

What are the pick-up and drop-off times?

Pick-up and drop-off times are any time between the day’s business hours. Our pet hotel suites are charged per night, not 24-hour period, so it doesn’t matter when you pick up or drop off your pet.

Can I board multiple pets in the same suite?

Of course! Pets from the same family can board in the same suite. Charges still apply for each additional pet in the suite, but discounts do apply.

My pet is on medication, are you able to administer them?

We are able to administer medications for an additional fee. We provide Greenies Pill Pockets to make medication more enticing, but you are more than welcome to bring any treats or food that may assist us in giving your pet his or her medication. At this time, we are unable to administer injections, such as with diabetic pets.