Full Physical Examination

We Check Your Pet from Nose to Tail

Bringing your pet in for a full physical examination at Newport Center Animal Hospital once a year is essential to his or her long-term good health. It gives our veterinarians in Newport Beach, CA, the opportunity to detect and treat problems that might not be obvious to you. It also allows us to establish a baseline to compare to next year. Once your dog or cat reaches age seven, we recommend bi-annual check-ups. We also recommend blood and urine testing for older pets to check for the early stages of chronic diseases.

What our veterinarians look for during the full physical examination in Newport Beach, CA

A full physical examination takes about 20 minutes to complete and includes the following:

  • Body composition analysis to determine if your pet is underweight, normal, or overweight
  • Listening to the lungs and heart to check for abnormal sounds
  • Looking at the eyes for problems such as a detached retina
  • Inspecting the ear canal and looking for issues such as discharge from the ears or a foul odor
  • Inspecting the gums, teeth, and jaw to look for signs of dental disease
  • Feeling the abdomen for abnormal masses
  • Placing gentle pressure against the muscles to see if your pet shows any signs of pain
  • Viewing the skin to look for problems such as signs of excess chewing or scratching

This is not an all-inclusive list. While we have general guidelines that we follow for every full physical examination, we always investigate additional concerns you bring to our attention.

Preventive care saves you money

Some people view bringing their pet to Newport Center Animal Hospital when he or she is not sick or injured as an unnecessary expense. It does cost money upfront, but it saves you money over your pet’s lifespan. Early treatment and prevention is much more cost effective than treating health issues at late stages. Please call (949) 644-5460 today to schedule your pet’s annual full physical examination at our clinic in Newport Beach, CA.