Humane Euthenasia

Saying Good-Bye is Never Easy

You knew when you brought your pet home to Newport Beach, CA, that this day would come, but at the time it was so far in the future. The years went quickly and now you’re faced with the sad reality that pets just don’t live long enough. What makes it even more difficult is that your pet is suffering and it’s up to you to decide if you should choose humane euthanasia.

Key considerations for Newport Beach, CA, pet owners

At Newport Center Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and staff will never tell you what you should do. What we will do instead is help you evaluate your pet’s quality of life. Below are some questions to help you with the decision-making process. While it still won’t be easy, this guidance will help you do the right thing. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your dog or cat have chronic pain that does not improve with medication or alternative therapies?
  • Has he or she been diagnosed with a terminal illness?
  • Has your pet lost the ability to control some or all body functions? For example, a cat who is no longer able to jump to a favorite perch or a dog who cannot navigate the stairs have a reduced quality of life. The inability to eliminate as usual is another key indicator.
  • Will the treatment you are considering improve life quality or simply keep your pet alive?
  • What color are the gums? A dog or cat with pink gums is no longer receiving enough oxygen.

We will prepare you

Once you have made the decision to pursue humane euthanasia, the staff at Newport Center Animal Hospital will let you know exactly what to expect. Your pet will pass away peacefully and without pain a short time after receiving an injection. You are welcome to stay with your pet for as long as you need to say good-bye. Once you’re ready, we will talk to you about burial in Newport Beach, CA, or private cremation.

We care for pets through the full circle of life. If you’re considering humane euthanasia, please call (949) 644-5460 to learn more about it.