Microchip Pet Identification

Don’t take any chances with your best friend

It only takes a second for your pet to slip out the door of your home in Newport Beach, CA, and never return. Without identification, your reunion with your pet is unlikely. Although many pet owners put their contact information on a tag and attach it to a collar, this often isn’t enough. The collar can easily come off on its own or someone could remove it when trying to steal your pet. If your pet has a microchip, the closest veterinarian can scan the chip for your contact information and let you know where to find your lost pet.

What to expect during the microchipping procedure

A pet microchip is approximately the size of a grain of rice. The procedure is no more painful than a routine vaccination. When you bring your dog or cat into Newport Center Animal Hospital, one of our veterinarians places the microchip in loose skin just below the shoulder blade. The microchip contains a unique identification number that you must register with a national lost pet registry. Should your pet get lost, any veterinarian can scan him or her for a microchip. Only the pet registry keeps a record of your contact information. It is therefore essential that you keep your address and telephone number updated.

A microchip is not a Global Positioning System

One of the persistent myths about microchips is that they act as a Global Positioning System (GPS) and can inform you of your pet’s whereabouts if he or she ventures away from Newport Beach, CA. While scientists hope to develop that technology eventually, it is not yet widely available. We recommend that your pet also wear a collar and identification tag to remain as safe as possible. The collar should be the breakaway type so it won’t choke your pet if it gets caught on a fence.

Schedule your pet’s microchip appointment today

A microchip gives you valuable peace of mind should your pet ever become separated from you. Newport Center Animal Hospital provides this quick, painless, and important service for a very reasonable rate. Please contact us at (949) 644-5460 to schedule a microchip appointment for your pet today.